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Could anyone share ISIS killing videos? I had seen once where people were being pushed from top of a building, people were mowed down by tanks. Something similar?

>> No.878  

You're retarded, ISIS videos are mostly fake, if u want some brutal shit just go on documentreality.com or goregrish, or bestgore, liveleak, all these stupid shit do exist on surface web no need to look for it on the deepweb retard, quit watching these shitty gay ass cunt ass nigger ass youtube videos that tells you that deepweb is like a fucking needle of hell, u stupid nigger brain, get the fuck outta here and go watch pewdiepie faggot.!

>> No.2496  

There's niggers that will come and kill your fat white ass if you're not careful.

>> No.2694  

Can anyone tell me where to purchase date - rape drug? Which country is the best?

>> No.3279  

Real killing and torture videos...???

>> No.3281  

hi reddit

>> No.4827  

Faggots come to DW to see isis videos that are alla availible on goods and known clear sites...

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