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If you're a poorfag why are you buying books? Just download them.

Library Genesis

Imperial Library of Trantor

>> No.5792  

I can't see the loli's panties!

>> No.6118  

I love I2P since it's quite difficult to be traced by the police!

>> No.6150  

No such thing . Tor is the best if you use it right . I've been posting and downloading rape and shit since 2016 and never had any issue. And I live in the heart of Interpol . If I bomb their building they won't find out shit .

>> No.6155  

so I can put all of them on a bookshelf and show off to guests, they will find me wise even though they are books made for dumb people and I didn't read half of them

being a fat dicklet loser isn't easy

>> No.6242  


>Tor doesn't have P2P, but I2P has it. It has I2PSnark (BitTorrent) and iMule (eDonkey).
>> No.6337  

where you posting this

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